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I’m using the coconut products. They are Kara coconut cream and Kara coconut milk from Indonesia.  Kara coconut cream and milk exactly taste like from my back yard coconut trees in Sri Lanka. After you open “Kara” coconut cream box you can keep it in refrigerator 8- 10 days. (  refrigerator has to be in a  correct  temperature). I’m using them over the last  ten years. You can find them  in Asian grocers.

Lots of my cooking I used coconut oil. I love coconut oil from Sri Lanka “Organic” coconut oil. It’s really taste like pure coconut oil  which we made back at home. You can buy them in Woolworth or Coles in Australia.
I never ever used coconut water from a bottle, can or packet.  If I want to drink or use for recipes I buy young coconut from the market or Woolworth.

Mostly I used fresh grated
 coconut from the coconut.
(fresh coconut left)

Coconut sugar: I love to use “Organic Road” coconut sugar from Sri Lanka. It’s taste pure coconut sugar from my home town  in Sri Lanka.
You can buy it from Woolworth or Coles supermarket in Australia.
  coconut sugar.
 picture left; open fresh young coconut. picture right open fresh coconut with coconut water.