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This is  great as a dessert or a snack for summer time.
Don’t throw away over ripe bananas.  You could use them or freeze,  you can used frozen banana for a banana bread, banana cake, banana smoothie or mix banana fruit drinks and frozen banana desserts.

Preparation times; under 10 minutes

Make  700 ml.   

400g peeled, frozen or over ripened banana

200g banana flavour yoghurt or plan yogurt

50g- 100g honey (depending  how sweet the banana)

1tsp lime or lemon juice

2 ½  tsp gelatine powder

3tbs boiled water


1. In a small cup mix hot water and gelatine, stir until gelatine dissolved. Set aside in warm place.

2. In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy. Add gelatine and blend few seconds until mix well.

3. Pour into the prepare mould cover and freeze until firm.

Hints & Tips:

Serve with berries, tropical fruits, your favourite, or yoghurt. 

Just before serving stand for a few (5-10) minutes.

Keep gelatine mixture in a warm hot water in a bowl .