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There are three type of parsley

Curly parsley, Flat leaves parsley and Hamburg parsley.

Parsley  has a clean fresh taste. It  has a slightly spicy aroma with a hint of lemony anise and peppery taste. Parsley is native to the eastern Mediterranean region. Today it is cultivated throughout the world. Parsley is a herb essential to  the  most western cooking.
This green herbs is rich with many antioxidant vitamins. Studies show, such as vitamins; A, C, E, B complex, K and calcium and it is rich in iron.


Flat-leaf parsley also called Italian or French parsley. Flat leave parsley has a more flavour for cooking. It has more continuing firmly finer flavour than curly parsley. Flat leave parsley most widely used throughout Europe and the Middle East countries.



Curly Parsley gives a light, herbaceous flavour and good for a garnishes. Very attractive green colour to other sauces. Deep fried curly parsley make an excellent garnish for deep fried seafood dishes. Both types of parsley could bring out the flavours of other seasonings.


Hamburg Parsley Also called rood parsley. The root is like a small parsnip, or round like celeriac. Root flavour is between of parsley and celeriac, also bit combine with light nuttiness.  Hamburg parsley is used in soup, stews and can be used in other ways as a root vegetable. Boiled, roasted or blanched  with mashes with potatoes, pumpkins. Hamburg parsley is mostly grown in central and northern Europe.
Parsley, combine very well with basil, rosemary, oregano, bay leave, chervil, marjoram, chives, thyme, sorrel, mint, tarragon, sumac, lemon balm, pepper, garlic, chillies and capers.