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This salad is very easy to make and looks elegant.

Preparation times: 15 mins.
Serves  4  as a starter.

24 cooked medium prawns (about 500 g )
150 g  small green or yellow tomato sliced into 0.5 cm size pieces
150 g small ripe tomato sliced into 0.5 cm size pieces
50 g of roasted macadamia nuts roughly chopped or your choice of nuts (optional)

For Kale dressing:
20 g kale
60 ml  macadamia oil or choice of cooking oil 
2 tabs (30 ml) water
1 ½ tbs  lime or lemon juice 
¼ level tsp pink himalayan ground salt or choice of salt


1. Peel and gently pull the dark vein from each prawn back starting at the head end and put  into a container and cover, keep in refrigerator until needed.

2. For dressing; Place all above ingredients in to food processor or blender  and blend  until pureed. This dressing needs to be tangy and citrusy.

3. Arrange sliced tomatoes on each serving plate, then top with prawns. Drizzle kale dressing and sprinkle roasted nuts, if desired.