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Preparations time; under 10 minutes.
Serve for two standard glasses.
Makes 700ml.

350 g water melon flesh cut into chunk pieces
320 g peeled orange, cut into two (remove any seeds)
20 g to 30 g fresh young ginger peeled, (to your taste)
120 g Ice cube


1. Add ginger into TM bowl. Place MC in lid and mince for 3 seconds / speed 9. Scrap down the side of the TM bowl and lid with the spatula.

2. Add the orange, water melon and Ice cube into TM bowl and place MC in lid, bland for 1 minutes / speed 10.

Tips & Hints:
Amount of water melon and orange has to be a 670g. 
Amount of fruits, can vary according to your liking but total should be 670 g. .