Kale, Carrot with cashew nut and Thai flavour dressing.

Kale, Carrot with cashew nut and Thai flavour dressing.

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I found this light and easy salad recipe made with Asian flavour dressing. Who like to have Asian flavour kale salad, this is the one for you.

Preparations time 15 mins.
Serves as a side for 4 – 5.
250g carrots, peeled and washed, cut into Julienne or use the julienne peeler (I used julienne peeler)
150g kales, washed, cut or torn into bite size of pieces
150g cucumber (peeled or unpeeled) your liking, thinly slice
60 g – 100 g roasted cashew nuts or your choice
50 g spring green onion (spring onion, scallion) or onion cut parallel, into 4cm size pieces
10 g – 15 g fresh spring mint, washed and torn the leaves
10 g – 15 g fresh spring coriander (cilantro) washed and with the stem, cut into 4cm size
1. Place all above ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
For dressing;
2 tbs fish sauce
2 tbs raw sugar or raw honey
1 tbs lime juice
1 tbs grape seed oil or choice of oil
1 small hot chilli (optional) finely chopped
2. Place al above ingredients into small container. Mix with folk until sugar has dissolved and well combine.
3. Pour dressing over the salad, gently dress and arrange in the prepare salad plate.
Serve with roasted, barbeque meat, poultry or seafood. This salad goes with any type of fried rice or plain rice.