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These deep-fried stuffed eggs are great for snack or light lunch, serve with salads.

Preparation + cooking times; 1 hour
Serve as a snack for 4

4 eggs, hard-boiled
275 g potatoes, cooked
100 g grated cheddar cheese
½  level tsp ground pink Himalayan salt or choice of salt
¼ level tsp freshly ground black pepper
¼ level tsp nutmeg
½ tsp lime or lemon juice (optional)
250 g fresh bread crumbs
2 free range eggs, lightly beaten
50 g flour for coating
Cooking oil for deep frying (I used grape-seed oil)


1. Peel and mash the cooked potatoes. Place mashed potato into shallow bowl.

2. Peel and cut eggs in half (lengthwise). Remove cooked egg-yolks and receiving the cooked eggs white set a side.

3. Add cooked egg yolk, cheese, salt pepper, nutmeg and lime juice into the mashed potato stirring until well combined.

4. Using wet hands, from tablespoons of the potato mixture into half cooked egg white and make a filling with egg shape. (see the picture in below)


5. Add extra flour on a plate. Beat the eggs in a shallow bowl. Put the breadcrumbs on a plate. Lightly coat the egg balls in flour, dip in egg wash and then coat with breadcrumbs.

6. Heat oil in a medium deep frying pan to 180°c. Fry two to three in small batches of the egg balls in the oil. Fry for until golden brown. Crumbs crisp and heated through.

7. Carefully remove with tongs or a slotted spoon and drain on crumpled paper towel.

Serve hot or warm with sweet chilli sauce or hot chilli sauce or ketchup or aioli.