Honey glazed chicken thigh fillets

Honey glazed chicken thigh fillets

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Succulent pieces of chicken, folks love to see a huge platter of these grilled “honey glazed chicken” arrive at the table. For this recipe can use chicken breast fillets for your convenient.   

Pre; + marinating + cooking times 45 mins.

serve 3

500 g skinless, free range chicken thigh fillets
2 tbs raw honey or puree maple syrup 
1 (15 ml) tbs cooking oil (I used grape-seed oil)
1 tbs gluten free tomato sauce ( ketchup )
1/2  level tsp ground salt (I used himalayan salt)
1/2  level tsp ground cayenne pepper
1/2  level tsp mustard powder
1/2  level tsp garlic powder
1/2  level tsp freshly ground black pepper
1. Mix all above ingredients except the chicken, in a resealable (ziplock ) bag or suitable container.
2. Place chicken and rub the chicken with marinade. Cover and refrigerator for 30 minutes or room temperature 20 minutes.
3. Grill chicken thigh, uncovered, over medium heat, lightly greased barbecue grill or stove grill-pan or nonstick fry-pan. Cook for each side 4 to 6 minutes. Until cook through. Brush with reserved marinade if desire.
Serve warm with pastas or any type of salads.
Hints & Tips;

If using chicken breast; use a sharp knife to make three diagonal slashes across one side of each chicken breast.

Chicken can be marinaded overnight, covered and place in the refrigerator. The longer the chicken marinated, the more it will take on flavor.

Leftover cooked chicken can be sliced and mix with green salad or made up into sandwiches.