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Kumquats are similar to small orange. The size and shape of a large olive. The name “Kumquat” come from  the cantonese. It is meaning “golden orange”. We received organic kumquat from our lovely neighbor friends Jone and Coleen. last year Kumquats are very sweet. But this year their taste was very sour. Normally I’m not a marmalade eater. But I love this “kumquats marmalade”.  The kumquat marmalade recipe I adapted from Jone’s recipe. Preparing kumquats  takes  time, but it is worth it.

Preparing time; 1 hour + cooking times; 40 mins.
500 g washed, pad dried, kumquats
750 ml + 250 ml water
800 g caster sugar 
Using a sharp knife cut the all kumquat are lengthwise. Then with a fork or paring knife, remove the seeds. Or slice fruit finely, removing seeds. Receive the seeds. Place sliced fruit in a non metal bowl cover and refrigerator.
Place received seeds into non metal small cup or bowl, add 125 ml water, cover and set a side for overnight.
Place fruit into clean wide pan, place strain water from the seeds into fruit. Place 125 ml water to seeds and rub with your finger, than strain the water into fruits. Place 750 ml water to fruits, cook for 10 to 12 minutes,medium heat until peel is soft. 
Place  sugar and boil rapidly and constantly stirring for 25 to 30 minutes.
Spoon the marmalade into the sterilized jars. Keep surface between marmalade and jar-lid at least 3 cm space. Tight the lid, then slowly put in the boiling water ( boiling water bath ) boil for 5 minutes.  Jars need to be totally cover with boiling water.
Keep in the cool dark place up to a year. After opening it, place  in the refrigerator.
Hints & Tips;
To taste  the marmalade, turn off the heat, spoon small amount on the plate, that has been chilled in the freezer. Return the plate into freezer and check it in after 2 minutes; it should be slightly jelled and can see wrinkle a bit when you slide with your finger through it.
Kumquat seeds have pectin, soaked seeds for overnight and use that water for natural pectin.
Adjust the sugar  to your flavor.