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The combination of aromatic cinnamon and red wine bringing  distinct flavours and wonderful colour.

preparations time 5 mins + cooking times 30 mins
serve 4
4 (600 g to 640 g) medium firm pears
400 ml red wine 
100 ml water
150 g castor sugar
10 g to 12 g cinnamon sticks, cut into 3.5 cm size
Peel the pears, trim bottom of pears to set flat. Place pears into simmering basket, set aside. See the picture, below.

Place red wine, sugar, water and cinnamon into TM bowl. Insert simmering basket, cover with MC. Cook for 20minutes / varoma / revers / speed between 1 & 2.

Check to see if pears are cooked. Pears should be tender but not  breaking apart. If is any pears not in tender, the carefully remove the cooked pears from the basket, set aside.
Continue to cook  uncooked  pears for another 5 minutes / varoma / revers / speed between 1 & 2.
Remove pears carefully into large nonmetallic bowl, set aside.
Continue to reduce syrup, cook for  10 to 12 minutes / varoma / revers / speed 1.
Syrup should be reduce to 200 ml.
Pour syrup with cinnamon sticks, over the pears. Cover, refrigerator at least 3 hours or overnight, turning pears  occasionally.
Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.