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This recipe brings a great balance of flavours from the,sweetness of mango, creaminess of avocado, saltiness from salmon with peppery taste from the rocket. This healthy, mouthwatering salad is very easy to make.   

Preparation time; 10 mins.
Serves as an entree (appetiser) for 2.
100 g chopped (1.5 cm size ) ripe mango flesh
100 g chopped (1.5 cm size ) ripe avocado
50 g roughly chopped smoked salmon


40 g washed rocket leaves (torn, any long leaves)
For dressing:
2 tbs (level) thick greek style yoghurt
1 tbs water
1/2 tsp (level) wasabi 
2 tbs cooking oil (I used avocado oil) not a strong taste or smelling oil 
1. Place into small bowl yoghurt, water and wasabi. beat with fork or egg beater until the ingredients are combined. Add oil and beat until  all ingredients are well combined. Set aside.
2. In a bowl place mango, avocado and smoked salmon with 2 tbs of salad dressing, gently toss and set aside.
3.In another bowl place rocket with 4 tsp of salad dressing, gently toss and arrange the rocket on prepared serving plate.
4. Place dressed mango, avocado, salmon mixture over the rocket bed. Sprinkle with some left over salad dressing.
Hints & Tips;
Rocket can be substituted  by watercress
mangoes can be substituted by sweet pawpaw (papaya)
Garnish salad with nuts or seeds of your taste.