How to cook chickpeas in thermomix

How to cook chickpeas in thermomix

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I do not like to buy cooked cans of beans from the supermarket. My grandmother and my mother always  cooked beans after soaking  beans for a few hours.  It  tastes better with a softer texture & preservatives free. Until last week I cooked my chickpeas on the stove. Now I  cook my chickpeas in the Thermomix. It’s much easier than cooking on the stove. 

375 g dried chickpeas
2 tsp level ground salt
1 litre water (including water from the soaked beans)
Wash the chickpeas with cold tap water and drain. Place washed chickpeas into bowl and soak beans in water at least 6 hours.
Place soaked chickpeas into TM basket, keep the water from the peas. 
Place 1 litre water into TM bowl.(including the kept water from the peas).
Sprinkle the salt over chickpeas and cover with MC, cook for varoma / 25 to 30 minutes / speed 3.
Hints & Tips:
After cooking peas, keep any leftover  chickpea stock. Use the stock as other stock eg; chicken, beef, vegetable.
Or use chickpea stock for cooking rice.
Normally in Siri Lanka, we season chickpea stock with salt and serve it along the side.
I cooked chickpeas 30 minutes. I like the soft and fluffy texture of home cooked chickpeas.