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The combination of florals, spots, dots and stripes  can be a pleasant  surprise. 
 Last weekend we went to our friend’s 40th birthday. Her  favourite colours are black and white. She liked tea towels, towels, candles and baking-ware. So I went shopping to find a black & white gift for her. However,  I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Then I thought of  sewing a black & white towel  gift set for her. I bought two plain white bath towels and two plain white hand towels. Next I went to  Spotlight. I bought black & white print fabric and matching ribbons. I then sewed the fabric and the ribbons decoratively on the edges of the towel.  
2 plain coloured bath towels
2 plain coloured hand towels
print fabric for matching
thread for matching
tape measure
fabric shears 
tailor’s chalk


5). Sewing with ribbons.