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This recipe great for to use leftover cooked meat. Make a small ball and use for the as a canapé (nibble).

One of my neighbours who is very kind, generous,  and sweet person Mrs; Eunice, one day hands over to me nearly 50 years old two gold coins. She said to me dear you may like these two old cook books. Yes, I was so pleased to have them. When I came home gently opened  some of the pages,I was so impressed that-day with what was written in the cook book.
Today I see so many cooking recipes on media and in magazines. I thought they were new to the this world. 
In Asia we use coconut to make lots of sweet and savoury dishes.
 Know I knew in Australia, 40 years ago they were using coconut for sweet and savoury dishes. It also surprised me to seen the  gluten free “date balls” in the cook book. Ingredients are margarine, dates, brown sugar, coconut and rice bubbles. 
So…… today my cooking adventure is adapting  one of the recipes. This is my adaption. 
For this recipe you can use what ever leftover meat you have in your refrigerator. Use what ever herbs or spices you like. When you are chopping the meat adjust the time for you to suit consistency of chunky or smooth.
preparations time + cooking time 45 minutes
serve 6 to 7.
Make 22 (size of golf ball).
500 g cooked, cold diced meat or poultry (I used roasted lamb) 
200 g peeled onions cut into quarters 
10 g mixed fresh herbs what ever you like (I used sage, tarragon & rosemary)
200 g cooked warmed rice
100 g crumbled or grated cheese what ever you like (I used feta cheese)
30 g cooking oil 
salt and pepper to taste
75 g corn flour or rice flour
200 g fresh breadcrumbs
2 large free range eggs, lightly beaten
cooking oil for deep frying
Place fresh herbs into TM bowl, chop for 4 seconds / speed 7.
Add the diced meat into TM bowl, mince for 8 seconds / speed 7. Set aside.
Place onions into TM bowl, chop for 2 seconds / speed 6. Using spatula scrape down and chop again 1 second if that is necessary.
Add oil and sauté for varoma / 5 minutes / reverse / soft.
Add warm rice and turbo once. Add mince meat, cheese and seasoning, mix for 8 seconds / reverse / speed 4.
Using both hand and shape heaped tablespoonfuls of mixture into balls. Coat balls in flour and set aside for 5 minutes.
Dip flour coated balls into lightly beaten egg then roll (coat) in breadcrumbs.
Heat oil in deep frying pan or saucepan until hot 180°c. Add meat balls, (not too crowded) fry until golden brown and cooked through. Drain on crumpled kitchen paper.
Serve warm with fresh salads. Or serve it  for a snack or  as a canapé.    
 Hints & Tips;
Use what ever flour you have in your pantry.
Dried breadcrumbs are substituted for fresh breadcrumbs.
Gluten free options use gluten free bread crumbs or g/f cornmeal. 
More flavours such as curry powder, chilli powder, cumin, cinnamon, sumac can be added.
Add sauce; use 1 tbs of sauce like tomato or chilli sauce. I used mine 1 tbs of hot chilli sauce plus finely chopped hot red chillies.