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This morning I went to my garden to pick some fresh organic rocket leaves and flowers. I made this salad for my breakfast. Any variety of salad leaves may be used for this recipe. This recipe is gluten, dairy and sugar free, cholesterol and diabetic friendly. Those allergic to nuts and seeds remove from this recipe. 
Preparations time; 10 mins.
Serves 2.
1 handful rocket leaves
Orange segments from one orange 
1-2 Avocados, cubed or sliced
1 small cucumber, cut lengthwise then sliced or diced
1 tbs avocado oil or choice of cooking oil
Lime or lemon juice to taste
Pink Himalayan salt or choice of salt to taste
1/2 handful pumpkin seeds or choice of nuts or seeds to garnish
1. Slice segments either side membrane and place in salad bowl. Keep membranes and squeeze for any remaining juice.
2. Into bowl add rocket leaves, cucumber, and avocado  then the oil, salt and lime juices.
3. Gently toss all ingredients until well combined and taste the salad before serving to check if extra salt and lime juice if required.
4. Arrange the salads on prepared plates and sprinkle some nuts and seeds or edible flowers.