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Start the day with a healthy homemade very berry muesli. This paleo diet recipe is  gluten, dairy, grain free and no added sweetness to this recipe. Cholesterol and diabetic friendly all the family can enjoy this yummy healthy breakfast. Use choice of unsalted nuts to this recipe. Roasting nuts gives more texture, flavour and aroma to the  dish. 

Preparation times 15 mins.
Serves 2.
50 g almonds sliced or flakes
50 g pumpkin (kernels) seeds
25 g sunflower seeds
40 g dried shredded coconut
2 level tsp chia seeds or choice of seeds
200 – 300 g choice of berries, (if using strawberries, wash and slice)
150 – 200 ml chilled fresh coconut water ( I used coconut water from fresh young coconut)
2 level tbs organic coconut cream (optional)
1. Dry roast the almonds in the stove pan until lightly golden brown and aromas comes. Remove nuts from the stove and set aside. Follow the same method individually for each type of nuts and shredded coconut. 
2. Mix all the nuts in a bowl, divide into two portions.
Add the nuts into prepared cereal bowl, then the coconut,  berries and seeds, top with coconut cream and garnish with some roasted coconut. Serve with coconut water. 
Hint & Tips;
Left over roasted nuts keep in the airtight container.
This recipe is additive, colours, preservative free. Frozen berries can be used for this recipe.