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This is a very simple recipe but it is delicious. 
Preparation + cooking times; 20 mins.
Serves 3.
500 g fresh scallops, or frozen scallops thawed, patted dry  
150 g spring onions (green onion, scallion) cut into  4 cm lengths and white and green part separated 
170 – 180 g cubed fresh pineapple
2 tbs G/F oyster sauce
1 tbs G/F soy sauce or tamari sauce
1 tsp G/F corn flour
2 tbs water
1 tbs grape-seed oil or choice of oil
1. Mix together oyster sauce, soy sauce, corn flour and water, set aside.
2. In a nonstick prying pan, heat oil over medium to high. Add spring onions white part and cook for 30 seconds.
3. Add scallops cook for 2 minutes stirring occasionally.
4. Add pineapple cook stirring 1 minute.
5. Add green onion green part and sauce to (whisk briefly sauce) scallops. Cook for 30 seconds stirring occasionally until sauce thickened.
Serve over the steamed rice. 
Hints & tips;
Leeks may substitute green onion
Prawns (shrimp), cubed mild flavour white fish may  substitute scallops.
* G/F (gluten free)